Residential Water Damage

Emergency response time to your property for a water loss is critical to minimizing the damage to your home. Every hour that passes can mean tens of thousands of dollars in additional cost and damage. Roadrunner Restoration provides a qualified team of people that will respond immediately, operates with knowledge and professionalism, and all supervisors are IICRC certified. You will have a dedicated team to help guide you throughout the entire process. We are devoted to getting your property back to pre-loss conditions in a timely manner. 

Whether the damage is from a busted pipe, sewer line backup, fire-related incident, or weather-related flood, it is extremely important to get water extracted, and the structure dried quickly. This will help prevent secondary damage from occurring in your home. Roadrunner’s team of experts are trained, certified, and proficient in every step of this process. We will work directly with you and your insurance company to provide moisture mapping, appropriate equipment calculations, necessary daily monitoring, and documentation to your adjuster for an approved scope of work. 

As a 24-hour full-service restoration and construction company, Roadrunner Restoration can proficiently manage the entire project from start to finish with a team dedicated to you. We will ensure you and your family are on the road to recovery with an ease that will ensure your job is done on time and within budget.

Roadrunner provides:

Water Extraction

Vandalism and graffiti cleaning

Building and content cleaning

HVAC and Airduct cleaning

Microbial Growth Prevention

Debris Removal


Flood water clean up


Hurricane and Flood Damage cleanup

Infrared Technology

Thermo Hygrometer

Antimicrobial Application

Determine class of water

Security onsite

Procedures following TDL law

Does it matter how quickly we remediate water damage?

YES!  Water damage is an issue that can be controlled if addressed quickly and effectively. Be it from the excessive downpour of rain or a broken pipe, we know that water can generate numerous damages in your residential and commercial places. When water enters a structure, it can start causing damage immediately.

What can Flood Water Damage?

Flood damage can not only damage your walls, flooring, baseboards, and personal belongings, but it can damage your indoor air quality as well. Flood water has been contaminated by dirt, bugs, pesticides, dead animals, and more that get brought into your home when the waters intrude.

IICRC Standard water damage categories

Category 1 sanitary water “clean water”

Water supply line

Tub or sink overflow


Broken toilet tank

Falling rainwater

Toilet bowl with no contamination

Category 2 significantly contaminated water “grey water”

Dishwasher or washing machine

Toilet bowl with urine

Seepage from hydrostatic pressure

Fish tank

Category 3 grossly contaminated water “black water”


Toilet bowl with feces

Flooding from sea water or rising water

Wind driven rain from hurricane