Residential Content Cleaning

There are some items in your home that may not cost a lot but are irreplaceable because someone special handed these heirlooms down generations ago. Time plays a crucial part in preventing further damage to your unique items. We will take pictures of all your items and do an inventory of what is salvageable and non-salvageable. Non salvageable will be disposed of and you can turn this report into your adjuster for reimbursement of these items. Salvageable items will be cleaned, wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, and moved to a brand-new box and stored in our warehouse for safe keeping. If you ever need an item out of these boxes, you can come to the warehouse and pick it up with ease knowing what box each item is located within. 

There are important processes and procedures on how to properly clean and store all types of items. For instance, artwork will be stored in wooden crates, rugs will be cleaned if deemed salvageable and dried, furniture may be repaired if it is an antique piece you cannot part with instead of replaced. Roadrunner is here to ensure this process will be as seamless as possible while trying to salvage as many priceless items as possible. 

As a 24-hour full-service restoration and construction company, Roadrunner Restoration can proficiently manage the entire project from start to finish with a team dedicated to you. We will ensure you and your family are on the road to recovery with an ease that will ensure your job is done on time and within budget.

Roadrunner provides:

Content Cleaning

Packout to offsite storage



Documented storage system

Contents Track