Disaster Management

Prepared when Catastrophe Strikes: 24-Hour Emergency Response

In the aftermath of a major storm, property damage can result in business interruption, lost revenue and significant expense. As an experienced and prepared partner, you can trust Roadrunner to help you prepare well in advance of a storm, and to mobilize whenever and wherever catastrophe strikes. As part of our service to you, our team will work tirelessly to mitigate losses and restore your property to its pre-event state.

Roadrunner’s team of large loss specialists provide boots on ground coverage to get projects assessed and initiated right away. Our service includes daily updates on the mitigation process – keeping you in the loop right from the start. We’ll let you know what our assessment is, the type of equipment proposed, and the process we recommend to achieve the best outcome. Having worked on thousands of projects, our team is adept at having conversations with all stakeholders – from property owners to insurance carriers, adjusters to forensic accountants, we speak your language. Our comprehensive services and knowledge and experience leads to positive results for our clients.

Proactive Recovery Planning

With Roadrunner, disaster preparation occurs long before a storm begins to form. We’ll work with you to create a response plan that is reviewed and updated at least annually. As part of our Proactive Recovery Planning Program, Roadrunner will conduct property assessments, documenting important information – from where important assets are kept in your building to the locations of water shutoff valves – so that if disaster strikes, we can hit the ground running and get you on the road to recovery.

Roadrunner provides:

Hurricanes & Tropical Storms
Severe Weather
Winter Storms
Man-Made Accidents