Contents Restoration

The evaluation, inventory, cleaning and storage of contents is just as much of an art as it is a science. Our team of professionals pays special attention to details, cataloguing contents and determining the best course of action.

Don’t let your contents be further damaged by indecision. Roadrunner will mobilize to a project quickly, makes the right decisions, create excellent documentation and provide all parties involved with appropriate updates.

Salvageable contents are either relocated within the site to a safe location or packed and moved offsite for safe keeping. Regardless of location, the cleaning process begins immediately to prevent secondary rust, corrosion, mold, damage to circuitry, or damage caused by condensation.

Document Recovery

The time and money it takes to reproduce paperwork, books and records is astounding. That’s why documents should be one of the first items addressed when a water or fire loss occurs. Don’t let expenses escalate due to a lack of knowledge on the part of a contractor.

Technology has given us many options to choose from on how to recover vital documents. For documents that have been completely submerged in water, we can freeze-dry, sanitize, and put through a sublimation process to remove moisture. Films and x-rays can be dried and re-jacketed. Rare books and records can be salvaged through a state-of-the-art restoration process. Files can be processed, copied, labeled and re-filed rather than losing years of critical information. The only requirement is a knowledgeable company who knows the options and can provide sound advice. Roadrunner is that company.

Roadrunner provides:

Document freeze-drying
Book and document drying
Drying and re-jacketing
File processing copying, labeling, re-filing
Document storage and cleaning