Commercial Mold Damage

Remediation of mold and other environmental spores is an important tedious process. Roadrunner offers extensive experience with mold identification and removal. With the proper environment, mold can grow in 48-72 hours. To help you and your employees avoid respiratory problems and microbial growth, it is imperative that we identify and address these situations promptly. In certain instances, it is a state law that we involve a hygienist and follow a mold protocol for proper disposal and removal of the toxins. We have our MRC license which is provided by Texas Department of License and Regulations (TDLR). If other restoration companies do not have this license, they can only remove 25 contiguous square feet or less. 

HVAC systems that are not maintained are notorious breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, as well as the normal accumulation of dust over a long period of time. Mold and toxic spores can also occur after a water damage or fire loss if mitigation is not started in a timely manner. We will respond to your challenges and restore your business back to purified air that is safe and breathable. 

As a 24-hour full-service restoration and construction company, Roadrunner Restoration can proficiently manage the entire project from start to finish with a team dedicated to you. We will ensure you and your business are on the road to recovery with an ease that will ensure your job is done on time and within budget.

Roadrunner provides:

Mold remediation

Surface disinfection

Isolation containments

Waste removal

Mold protocol

Biocide spray


Follow TDL law

Moisture dry-out