Commercial Fire Damage

A fire loss can cause significant damage to your office and smoke can travel though the HVAC system causing substantial soot damage to your property and contents.   

It is imperative to possess the knowledge for what structural components should be cleaned as opposed to what should be removed. Roadrunner will secure your property and put-up containments to keep others from trespassing on your property and getting hurt or contaminating the scene if further investigation needs to take place for cause and origin. 

We can provide temporary power to your property to get the electricity back on so we can begin the recovery process to your building. We will assess the extent of the damage to the property and content and let you know the proper steps to getting you back in business with limited interruptions. We will carefully examine all the debris on the floor to make sure we collect important documents and keep sake items and get them sent out for proper restoration. A thorough cleaning will be done to the walls with an SRF (Soot Removal Film) product to ensure all the soot and smell are properly removed from your facility. 

As a 24-hour full-service restoration and construction company, Roadrunner Restoration can proficiently manage the entire project from start to finish with a team dedicated to you. We will ensure you and your business are on the road to recovery with an ease that will ensure your job is done on time and within budget.

Roadrunner provides:

Fire and smoke damage

Soot removal

Structure and content cleaning

HVAC/Air Duct Cleaning

Order Removal


On location cleaning

Board ups

Ozone treatment

Providing temporary power

Follow TDL law