Commercial Biohazard

We realize the vulnerability of your position and will handle it professionally and will be thoughtful and sensitive towards your situation. Hazardous waste comes in many different forms. If it is left unattended, harmful substances can grow and affect your health. Blood can spread harmful diseases like hepatitis and tuberculosis. 

Once the police have completed their investigation of the crime scene, clean up can begin. We use the proper industry and state required personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure our employees safety. It is imperative to wear a full body suite and keep all mucous membranes accurately covered. Our employees must be fitted for a full or half face respirator including PAPR mask and correctly follow OSHA guidelines. 

 We will properly dispose of all hazardous waste and keep up with appropriate recordkeeping. There are proper rules you must follow and permits you must have for cleaning, packaging, and disposal of chemicals and waste. There are specific dumping sites that you must take your waste to for discarding. 

As a 24-hour full-service restoration and construction company, Roadrunner Restoration can proficiently manage the entire project from start to finish with a team dedicated to you. We will ensure you and your business are on the road to recovery with an ease that will ensure your job is done on time and within budget.

Roadrunner provides:

Virus and bacteria disinfecting
Crime scenes cleanup
Trauma Incident cleanup

Disinfecting Services (Swine flu, Staph, MRSA, AIDS, Hepatitis, Ebola, Covid 19)

Blood Cleanup

Hoarders clean up

Tear gas clean up

Unattended death cleanup

Follow TDL law

Fire extinguisher cleanup