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Schedule Your Free 29 Step Mold Inspection


WARNING – Do Not Trust Your Mold Removal Job to an Unlicensed Company!

We have our MRC license which is provided by Texas Department of License and Regulations (TDLR). If other restoration companies do not have this license, they can only remove 25 contiguous square feet or less. We are experienced, insured and certified in all mold removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have health effects that you've noticed for elder and minors?

Those are usually do effects the weak immune systems. And then we’re also going to ask how to combat this microbial growth testing. That’s a big one for us because as a mold remediation contractor, we are not allowed to do any services until a licensed hygienist, a making source so mold Assessment Consultant goes in and actually performs testing, which capturing air or it can be done with a tape sample, which is basically putting a piece of tape right on the microbial growth and then sending that out to a lab. Once those lab reports come back, what happens from there is that we’re able to tell what kind of mold species is inside of the residence if there is any if there is then there’s two different scenarios that come into play. If it’s under 25 contiguous square feet, by Texas Department of Labor, license or regulation, we are able to remediate it without getting a protocol in place and a protocol is assessed. By the Mac the mold Assessment Consultant.

The mold Assessment Consultant is required to write up a summary and a protocol. If it is over 25 contiguous square feet. That protocol will tell us the mold remediation contractor by step and informed how to do the remediation. And where it is that are all that to a tee and not deviate from if deviation is required, then we may need to amend or withdraw to go back to the you know the mold Assessment Consultant

How does mold assessment work?

So it appears to me based off  inspection that you had a water leak from your water heater that ran down to two layers. It’s submerged that your sub floor which then went into your drywall at the bottom layer, which is a porous material and that’s why you’re seeing microbial growth there.

Then there are a couple that are standard and very typical one where the wires that are molded around my AC register. This is something very easy for me to go decipher because I can basically take off the register and there’s no seal between the troll they’re mixing grading humidity and therefore you have microbial growth there. So all it needs to have this being polyfilled in the residence. So in many forms, you know it’s going in and basically doing personal relations, but also inspecting the microbial growth, informing them on what we found and how it’s supposed to be remediated.

And so once that inspection has completed you know I would then go ahead and touch with bolts who can come in and on the testing services necessary for us to perform our services and also, you know, put them at ease somebody. There are times where you get you know, you come in and the mold Assessment Consultant does air samples and there’s no mold in the air but there is a little bit of microbial growth around the AC register.

This is super easy. You may be able to even clean this mold with a rag and not need a contractor to do it. And so obviously we try to help our clients when you know when we can as well. We’re not always looking to the next dollar you know this is their residence and if they have kids or if they have elders, you know we are there to assist them at the end of the day they are to do this and don’t understand what’s going on.

How to tell if we have black mold?

Mold is black and most of them are in a sense. There are 130 It is possible. But Stacie Boucher’s does require long periods of time and conserve moisture and so you’re talking about an issue of basically leave in your home your house flooded and you don’t get back. That is a perfect example of Furthermore, the fastest mold these grows between 48 and 72 hours after water loss. Now a water loss is kind of a broad spectrum because you can have mold growth from different instances other than a water loss, but the best form you’ll have 42 hours until the fastest pole species will grow. And at that point that mold species is going to be called Aspergillus. Penicillin, which is a very common household mold.

Payment options?

We are in the process of teaming up with the finance group. That Finance Group provides you know, commercial and residential financing services for things like mold remediation, home remodels, home remodels. So, it’s possible that we’d be able to even get somebody who has that old problem, you know, 72 months at zero interest, you know, to pay this off.

What happens after mold Assessment?

So from there we what we do is we create a work plan. A work plan is similar to the protocol that the mold assessment consultants required to write the work plan will basically just let you know if the state of Texas or anybody shows up that basically lets them know exactly how we’re going to do it. And what we’re going to do in this way, if they go and inspect it, they make sure that we don’t deviate from that work plan that continuously almost mirrors the protocol in one way or another. But it does go in a little bit more detail. You know, we have to, let’s just say we have to contain a room. We need to contain all the contents in the room, we need to create negative pressure in the room. We’re going to have floor protection outside of the room.

So it just goes into a little bit more detail on the contractor side. What the game plan is and how we’re moving forward. Once that is graded from that point, you know we schedule with the homeowner and then we perform the services. By this time the services have been outlined to the homeowner numerous times and you know in much detail and answered all questions so we rarely ever go into a situation kind of blind from the homeowners perspective.

We would fulfill the you know, the agreement that has been made through the estimating process. Once that agreement has been fulfilled, and we are you know, we believe that we have remediated all of microbial growth, we will leave that area in containment and negative pressure and we will call that hygienist back or the mold Assessment Consultant and he will come in and test one more time. Once he takes that test and sends it off. If it comes back that the numbers are now in a clear and in you know less right and that the home was no longer in any danger.

Then we now have a clearance report from the hygienist or the Met the mold Assessment Consultant that he signs and that also is the mold remediation contractor site that basically guarantees that the protocol was completed as far as you know as written. There is no you know, issue with microbial growth in the air or on the you know, the certain areas and that area has now been professionally remediated. That clearance report will be turned into the homeowner will likely collect final payment at this time.

Do we get a certification?

Once the mold job is completed, you’ve received your certification, then we move to the next phase which is what estimating what it’s going to take to put everything back together or reconstruct or cause sounds like the mold remediation and a certificate that you’re clear is one step but the house is still torn apart.

Can you write up an estimate? I want to know what it's going to cost to put it all back together?

No, we can’t because what happens with multiple growth is that a lot of times it’s behind surfaces. And so even though a protocol may say you know, take take out 50 square feet of drywall, we may end up taking out you know 100 square feet of drywall. Every protocol will say to follow the mold growth, you know, beyond two feet. So basically what that means is if you have microplus say we took out 50 square foot of drywall, we no longer have mold growth, we need to cut an additional two feet to verify if there is microbial growth on that two feet we have to continue.

So to follow up on your question there. It’s difficult to write a construction estimate until the mold remediation is complete. At that time, yes, we will put together a construction estimate and allow them to view that and then they could even finance that if they may, or even insurance may help them with that or they can pay out of pocket but yes, we will put together a construction estimate following the clearance of the mold remediation.

What about Repair and Restoration?

Phase two is doing the mold remediation, phase three, we now need to repair and restore. That is correct. Okay. So the repair and restoration process looks like what we will start off with will prepare a bid.

We’ll prepare an estimate for the for the reconstruction. We will do it on our estimating platform. Once we turn in that bid to you, you know you’ll take a look over it if everything looks good. We will assign a project manager to come walk the property with you. He’ll be your main point of contact. He will be there you know every day to check on his crew and make sure that the work is going well. He’ll be there to answer all questions and make sure that you know everything is done as estimated. And from there, you know, we’re building everything back and then we are complete. I wish I had more information on the construction side but it’s pretty cut and dry over there.

Texas Department of Licensing regulation does not allow the mold remediation contractor to also simultaneously be the mold assessment consulting. And the reason they do that is because of conflict of interest. Back in the day, there was times where the molds formed the services, but when they tested their work made it look like it was okay tested different areas built back where basically there was still mold and so they were double dipping and you know, double making money and not doing things correctly. And so, Texas Department of Licensing regulation said you need to have a mold Assessment Consultant, you know, licensed by the state of Texas, and then you need to have a mold remediation contractor. licensed by the state of Texas. So there are two people involved in it. And it can’t be the same person.

Do you guys company that tests remediated at the same time?

No, we can’t so we can have it under one roof. They cannot be the same company. It has to be you know a different company entirely. So we actually provide them to ourselves. For instance, I have a company Awa environment. They are the the hygienist the mold Assessment Consultant. They will go out and test and they will send it to the lab. And from then provide the homeowner and myself samples, the mold remediation contractor, so we have in no way or another, you know, invested interest in each other. And so therefore we do not have a conflict of interest. If you had let’s just say Road Runner.

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